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XML: Beyond the Tags
Gender Composition of Online Technical Communication Collaborations
Technology Implementation in K-12 Schools: A Research Study of Perceptions and Practice
The Modern Church Communicates: Rhetoric and Hypertext in Church Website Design
Nam June Paik and Avant-Garde as Pedagogy: Promoting Student Engagement and Interdisciplinary Thinking in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom
Grace Hopper and the Marvelous Machine: Lessons for Modern Technical Communicators from the Mark I ASCC Manual
Female Bias in Technical Communication and an Exploration of Pedagogical Strategies for Reversing the Bias
Narrative in Technical Communication
Playing with Usability: Why Technical Communicators Should Examine Mobile Games
The Ethos of Humor in Technical Communication
Placing birds on a dynamic evolutionary map: Using digital tools to update the evolutionary metaphor of the "tree of life"
The Hermeneutics of the Hard Drive: Using Narratology, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Management to Improve the Effectiveness of the Digital Forensic Process
Making Waves, Mixing Colors, and Using Mirrors: The Self-Regulated Learning Support Features and Procedural Rhetoric of Three Whole-Body Educational Games
The Practice and Benefit of Applying Digital Markup in Preserving Texts and Creating Digital Editions: A Poetical Analysis of a Blank-Verse Translation of Virgil's Aeneid