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Factors Influencing unmet Medical Need among U.S. Adults: Disparities in Access to Health Services
Work and Family Conflict: A Comparative Analysis Among Staff Nurses, Nurse Managers, and Nurse Executives
The Effect of Registered Nurse Supply on Population Health Outcomes: A Distributed Lag Model Approach
Constructing and Validating an Integrative Economic Model of Health Care Systems and Health Care Markets: A Comparative Analysis of OECD Countries
Predictors of hospital quality and efficiency
The influence of perceived organizational support, perceived coworker support (&) debriefing on work-related compassion satisfaction, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress in Florida public safety personnel
Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty in the Inpatient vs Outpatient Setting: Impact on Process Time, Quality Outcomes, and Patient Satisfaction
Local Health Department Adoption of Health Information Technology and Its Impact on Population Health
The Diffusion and Performance of the Accountable Care Organization Model
Is Conflict a Factor in a Population's Quality of Life? A Comparative Study of University Students in the Palestinian Territories and Jordan