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Ten years: History and principles of the left opposition
Marxism since the Communist manifesto
The world communist movement: Report of the Delegation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) in the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the eighteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U. (B.)
What about communism?
Leninism, the only Marxism today: A discussion of the characteristics of declining capitalism
The most burning question: Unity of action
Prepare for power: The international situation and the tasks of the sections of the Comintern; report
The Communist parties in the fight for the masses
Stalinism and bolshevism: Concerning the historical and theoretical roots of the Fourth International
What is happening in Germany?
Letters from afar
The tasks of the proletariat in our revolution
Soviet democracy and the war
Readers guide to William Z. Fosters History of the Communist Party of the United States
Soviets in Spain: The October armed uprising against fascism
Karl Marx: Forty years after (1883-1923)
In defense of the Cuban revolution: An answer to the State Department and Theodore Draper
Lenin and Spain
The trial of the communist deputies in France