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The Voice of socialism: Radio speeches by the Socialist Workers Party candidates in the 1948 election
Ballou's Pictorial: Scenes in New Orleans
Fifteen questions asked by the Providence, R.I., Visitor: Representing the Roman Catholic political machine
Literature and Marxism: A controversy
Ballou's pictorial Vol. IX., No. 25, December 22, 1855
In the wilds of Florida
Speech of Hon. Salmon P. Chase
war and slavery, and their relations to each other : a discourse, delivered in the Old South Church, Reading, Mass., December 28, 1862
Down by the Suwanee River
outdoor girls in Florida, or, Wintering in the sunny south
Sonnets and love songs
Uncle Ander's Floridy tales
Speech of Hon. William A. Howard of Michigan
Shylock and anti-semitism: Evidence that the backbone of the play is anti-Semitic