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Marxism in the United States
Leon Sedoff, son - friend - fighter
Stalinism and bolshevism: Concerning the historical and theoretical roots of the Fourth International
Fascism: what it is, how to fight it: compilation
The strategy of the world revolution.
In defense of the Russian revolution: Speech delivered at Copenhagen, December 1932
The turn in the Communist International and the German situation
Problems of the development of the U. S. S. R.: Draft of the thesis of the International left opposition on the Russian question
The road for revolutionary socialists
The Revolution in Spain
Communism and syndicalism: On the trade-union question
I stake my life!
The permanent revolution
The Kirov assassination
The Soviet union and the fourth International, the class nature of the soviet state
World unemployment and the five year plan
Soviet economy in danger: The expulsion of Zinoviev