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World unemployment and the five year plan
The turn in the Communist International and the German situation
The strategy of the world revolution.
Stalinism and bolshevism: Concerning the historical and theoretical roots of the Fourth International
The Soviet union and the fourth International, the class nature of the soviet state
Soviet economy in danger: The expulsion of Zinoviev
The road for revolutionary socialists
The Revolution in Spain
Problems of the development of the U. S. S. R.: Draft of the thesis of the International left opposition on the Russian question
The permanent revolution
Marxism in the United States
Leon Sedoff, son - friend - fighter
The Kirov assassination
In defense of the Russian revolution: Speech delivered at Copenhagen, December 1932
I stake my life!
Fascism: what it is, how to fight it: compilation
Communism and syndicalism: On the trade-union question