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America's racist laws
The American Negro
Anti-negro prejudice: When it began, when it will end
The Communist position on the Negro question
Democracy and desegregation
In defense of Negro rights
Marxism and Negro liberation
The Negro people and the Soviet Union
Negro representation: A step towards Negro freedom
Negroes in the post-war world
Next steps in the struggle for Negro freedom: Report delivered at the National Conference of the Communist Party
The people versus segregated schools
A practical program to kill Jim Crow
The road to Negro liberation: the tasks of the Communist party in winning working class leadership of the Negro liberation struggles, and the fight against reactionary nationalist-reformist movements among the Negro people
The struggle against white chauvinism: Outline for discussion and study guide for schools, classes, study groups
The struggle for Negro equality
Study outline history of the American Negro people, 1619-1918
White chauvinism and the struggle for peace