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Fascism in action: A documented study and analysis of fascism in Europe
The underground struggle in Germany
Whither Germany?
What will happen with Germany?
The strategy of revenge: The new Blitz Plan of the German general staff
German Fascism and the workers
Germany then and now
The fight for Communism in Germany
What is happening in Germany?
The background of German fascism
Fascism, social-democracy and the communists.
Fighting fascism in the factories: How the Young Communist League of Germany fights in the factories to overthrow the fascist dictatorship
work of the communist parties of France and Germany
I accuse stalinism!: An open letter to the C.C. of the Communist Party of Germany and the E.C.C.I
The thugs of Europe
Brains behind barbed wire
Operation murder
Soviet Russia versus Nazi Germany: A study in contrasts
We are fighting for a Soviet Germany: Report
Towards socialist reorientation