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Jews in Czechoslovakia: The governments in exile and their attitude towards the Jews
Jews in the Soviet Union, citizens and builders
Labor's enemy: anti-semitism
A program for the Jews and an answer to all anti-Semites: A program for humanity
Anti-Semitism: What it means and how to combat it
Jewish culture in America: Weapon for Jewish survival and progress
world significance of the Russian revolution
Lenin on the Jewish question
Are we Aryans?
Resistance is the lesson: The meaning of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising
Plotting America's pogroms: A documented expose of organized anti-semitism in the United States
Labor and anti-semitism
Crisis in Palestine
The struggle against anti-semitism: A program of action for American Jewry
Ten years of Biro-Bidjan: 1928-1938
The truth about Jews in the Soviet Union: The letter Life refused to print
Problems of Jewish culture
To secure Jewish rights: The communist position