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The underground struggle in Germany
Whither Germany?
What will happen with Germany?
Fascism in action: A documented study and analysis of fascism in Europe
The strategy of revenge: The new Blitz Plan of the German general staff
Soviet Russia versus Nazi Germany: A study in contrasts
The background of German fascism
Germany then and now
The fight for Communism in Germany
German Fascism and the workers
What is happening in Germany?
Fascism, social-democracy and the communists.
work of the communist parties of France and Germany
Fighting fascism in the factories: How the Young Communist League of Germany fights in the factories to overthrow the fascist dictatorship
Towards socialist reorientation
We are fighting for a Soviet Germany: Report
Brains behind barbed wire
Operation murder
The thugs of Europe
I accuse stalinism!: An open letter to the C.C. of the Communist Party of Germany and the E.C.C.I