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I'm Not Your Waifu: Sexual Harassment and Assault in Cosplay, Anime (&) Comic Conventions
It's a Conspiracy: Motivated Reasoning and Conspiracy Ideation in the Rejection of Climate Change
Emotional Labor and Identity Management Among HIV Counselors and Testers
Undergraduate Prescription Stimulant Misuse: The Impact of Academic Strain, Social Norms, and Gender
Women, Work, and Time: Food work politics of self defined healthy men
A Senior Water Aerobics Class as a Subculture
SuperWhoLock: An Analysis of Subculture in a Microblogging Setting
"Yeah I'm A Girl. I Play Video Games.": Identity Work of Collegiate Women Gamers
Then and Now: Using Syllabi to Shape the College Classroom
Chasing "Plan A": Identity Development of First-Generation College Student-Athletes
Pinning Motherhood: The Construction of Mothering Identities on Pinterest
Creating Constructs Through Categorization: Gender and Race
Millennials Making Meanings: Social Constructions of Sexual Harassment regarding Gender and Power by Generation Y
From the Yellow Peril to the Model Minority: An Experimental Survey Examining Racial Attitudes towards Asian Americans