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The Lived Experiences of First-Year, First Semester Honors College Students Placed on Academic Probation
Overcoming Beginning Teacher Attrition
The Influences of Roles and Support Systems on the Baccalaureate Degree Attainment of Nontraditional Learners
Problematic Internet Use in Residence Halls
Institutionalizing Service-Learning as a Best Practice of Community Engagement in Higher Education: Intra- and Inter-Institutional Comparisons of the Carnegie Community Engagement Elective Classification Framework
Access and Student Success: An Examination of the Perceptions and Experiences of First-Year Seminar Professionals at Florida Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Overcoming Beginning Teacher Attrition
Fostering paths of enrollment from an urban high school to a large, public university
A Correlational Study of Emerging Modalities of Developmental Education and Learning Styles in a Florida State College.
An Investigation of Information Literacy of International Graduate Students: Skills, Challenges, and Needs
Improving Instructional Strategies in Higher Education for Students with a Learning Disability in a General Education Science Course
Examination of the Challenges Faced by Foreign-born Students in a State College that may Prolong/Prevent Graduation.
A comparison of final grade outcomes of veterans enrolled in English I through online and face-to-face instructional modalities at a public four-year college
A Comprehensive Study of the Learning Styles of Student Athletes and Academic Advisors at Three Institutions in the American Athletic Conference and the Tools and Resources Used to Ensure Academic Success of Student Athletes.
Classroom Error Climate: Teacher Professional Development to Improve Student Motivation
Fostering college student success: An analysis of the educational outcomes of Florida college students utilizing Relative Caregiver, Road-to-Independence, and Adoption tuition exemptions
Faculty Perspectives and Participation in Implementing an Early Alert System and Intervention in a Community College
The Effectiveness of Using Florida Virtual High School Course Data during the College Admission Process as a Predictor of Degree Completion Within Six Years.
An Investigation of the Help-Seeking Behaviors of Women Student Veterans