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Data Mining Models for Tackling High Dimensional Datasets and Outliers
Correctness and Progress Verification of Non-Blocking Programs
Practical Dynamic Transactional Data Structures
JML Template Generation
The Design, Implementation, and Refinement of Wait-Free Algorithms and Containers
High-Performance Composable Transactional Data Structures
TryOpenJML - A Verily based web application for learning about the Java Modeling Language
Analysis of Commutativity with state-chart graph representation of concurrent programs.
A Comparison of Concurrent Correctness Criteria for Shared Memory Based Data Structure
A Compiler-based Framework for Automatic Extraction of Program Skeletons for Exascale Hardware/Software Co-design
Using Freebase, an Automatically Generated Dictionary, and a Classifier to Identify a Person's Profession in Tweets
reasoning about frame properties in object-oriented programs
The Power of Quantum Walk: Insights, Implementation, and Applications
Data Representation in Machine Learning Methods with its Application to Compilation Optimization and Epitope Prediction