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Effects of Surfactant Concentrations on Perovskite Emitters Embedded in Polystyrene
Liquid crystal phase modulation for beam steering and near-eye displays
Freestanding Holey Thin Films for Renewable Energy Storage
Advanced liquid crystal displays with supreme image qualities
The Formation and Characterization of Mesoscopic J- and H-aggregates with Controlled Morphologies by the Co- and Templated Assembly of Cyanine Dyes
Stochastic-Based Computing with Emerging Spin-Based Device Technologies
Polyelectrolyte complexes based on poly(acrylic acid): mechanics and applications
nanoengineered energy harvesting and storage devices
Development of in vitro point of care diagnostics (IVPCD) based on Aptamers integrated Biosensors.(&)nbsp;
High performance liquid crystal devices for augmented reality and virtual reality
Redox-Active Solid State Materials and its Biomedical and Biosensing Applications