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Exploring FPGA Implementation for Binarized Neural Network Inference
Reducing the Overhead of Memory Space, Network Communication and Disk I/O for Analytic Frameworks in Big Data Ecosystem
Design and Optimization of Superjunction Vertical DMOS Power Transistors using Sentaurus Device Simulation
Towards Energy-Efficient and Reliable Computing: From Highly-Scaled CMOS Devices to Resistive Memories
Three-Dimensional Simulation Study of Low Voltage ((<)100V) Superjunction Lateral DMOS power transistors
Bridging the Gap between Application and Solid-State-Drives
Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Fabrics for In-circuit Training and Evaluation of Neuromorphic Architectures
Automated Synthesis of Unconventional Computing Systems
Design, Simulation and Characterization of Novel Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices and Circuits in Advanced Silicon Technologies
Design of Low-Capacitance Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Devices in Advanced Silicon Technologies.
Semiconductor Device Modeling, Simulation, and Failure Prediction for Electrostatic Discharge Conditions
Normally-Off Computing Design Methodology Using Spintronics: from Devices to Architectures
Towards High-Efficiency Data Management In the Next-Generation Persistent Memory System