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Rebuilt and Remade: The Florida Citrus Industry, 1909-1939
The Resonance and Residue of the First African American Newspaper: How Freedom's Journal Created Space in the Early 19th Century
Sanford, DeBary Hall and the New South Movement in Central Florida
The Tragic City: Black Rebellion and the Struggle for Freedom in Miami, 1945-1990
A Digital Media Exploration of the Federal Writers' Project's Folk Song Collecting Expeditions in Depression Era Florida
The Heralds of the Dawn: A History of the Motion Picture Industry in the State of Florida, 1908-2019
The Migration of Indians to Eastern Africa: A case study of the Ismaili community, 1866-1966
Revisiting Roadside Attractions: A "Deep Dive" into Florida's Weeki Wachee Springs
Searching for Home at Ch(&)#226;teau de la Guette and Beyond: Social and Spatial Dimensions of Jewish German and Austrian Children's Journey to Flee Nazi Persecution via Children's Homes in France
The Spatial Relationship Between Labor, Cultural Migration, and the Development of Folk Music in the American South: A Digital Visualization Project
Rhetoric of Imagery: Gendering Identity and Consumption Throughout Interwar American Advertisment
Communism's Futures: Intelligentsia Imaginations in the Writings of the Strugatsky Brothers
Creating a Digital Exhibit on the Colonial Fur Trade in Florida: A Public History / Digital History Project
The Afro-American Slave Music Project: Building a Case for Digital History
"City of Superb Democracy:" The Emergence of Brooklyn's Cultural Identity During Cinema's Silent Era, 1893-1928.
Acoustic Ecology and Sound Mapping the University of Central Florida Main Campus