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The use of a Phototherapy Intervention to Foster Empathy, Self-Awareness, and Self-Disclosure in Counselors-in-training using the Personal Growth Group
The Relationship Between Married Partners' Individual and Relationship Distress: An Actor-Partner Analysis of Low-income, Racially and Ethnically Diverse Couples in Relationship Education
A Delphi Study to Construct a Script Concordance Test for Spiritual and Religious Competence in Counseling
Predicting the development of counselor self-efficacy in counselors-in-training during their first semester in practicum using embedded, rich media in a distributed learning environment.
Exploring the influence of stigma, level of trauma, and social support on the experience of posttraumatic growth in adults living with HIV
Science occupational images and aspirations of African American/ Black elementary students
An investigation of master's level counselor education admissions criteria: The predictive validity of undergraduate achievement and aptitude on the attainment of counseling competence.
The effect of jyoti meditation on student counselor emotional intelligence, stress, and daily spiritual experiences
An Exploration of the Relationships Between Supervisees' Perceptions of Facilitative Conditions in Supervision, Clients' Perceptions of Facilitative Conditions in Counseling, and Client Outcomes
The Development of the Counselor Intuition Scale
Examining the Influences of the Bottoming Out Experience and the Turning Point on the Early Recovery Process from Substance Dependence Using Structural Equation Modeling