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The Effects of Regulatory Orientation on Subjective Task Values, Ability Beliefs, and Gameplay in a Grammar Editing Computer Game
Diverse 3rd Grade Non-School Activity Participation: Associations With Social Competence and Reading Performance
Peak Performance Training
The Effect of a Self-Monitoring Treatment Intervention Package on the Academic Productivity Behavior of Three High School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Objectively Defining Scenario Complexity: Towards Automated, Adaptive Scenario-Based Training
A multimedia pedestrian safety program and school infrastructure: Finding the connection to pedestrian risk-taking attitudes and perceptions of pedestrian behavior
A Survey of Investing and Retirement Knowledge and Preferences of Florida Preservice Teachers
Classroom Error Climate: Teacher Professional Development to Improve Student Motivation
Bullying Victimization, Feared Second Language Self, and Second Language Identity: Reconceptualizing The Second Language Motivational Self System
The Impact of Access to Books on the Reading Motivation and Achievement of Urban Elementary Students
Eighth-Grade Students Reading Nonfiction Literature on the iPad: An Exploratory Case Study
Evaluating the effectiveness of culturally relevant substance abuse prevention in Ukraine