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Trust-Based Rating Prediction and Malicious Profile Detection in Online Social Recommender Systems
Computational Methods for Comparative Non-coding RNA Analysis: From Structural Motif Identification to Genome-wide Functional Classification
Finding Consensus Energy Folding Landscapes Between RNA Sequences
Relating First-person and Third-person Vision
X-ray Radiation Enabled Cancer Detection and Treatment with Nanoparticles
Computational Methods for Analyzing RNA Folding Landscapes and its Applications
Content-based Information Retrieval via Nearest Neighbor Search
Computational Approaches for Binning Metagenomic Reads
Online, Supervised and Unsupervised Action Localization in Videos
Model Selection via Racing
Hashing for Multimedia Similarity Modeling and Large-Scale Retrieval
Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression
Automatic Detection of Brain Functional Disorder Using Imaging Data
Learning Collective Behavior in Multi-relational Networks
On Kernel-base Multi-Task Learning