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Predicting Students' Academic Performance with Decision Tree and Neural Network
Approximate Binary Decision Diagrams for High-Performance Computing
Categorical range reporting in 2D using Wavelet tree
Student Community Detection and Recommendation of Customized Paths to Reinforce Academic Success
Verification and Automated Synthesis of Memristor Crossbars
Adversarial Attacks On Vision Algorithms Using Deep Learning Features
Learning robotic manipulation from user demonstrations
Design of a JMLdoclet for JMLdoc in OpenJML
Implementation of Refining Statements in OpenJML and Verification of Higher Order Methods with Model Program Specifications
A deep learning approach to diagnosing schizophrenia
In-Memory Computing Using Formal Methods and Paths-Based Logic
Soft-Error Resilience Framework For Reliable and Energy-Efficient CMOS Logic and Spintronic Memory Architectures
Advancing Practical Specification Techniques for Modern Software Systems
reasoning about frame properties in object-oriented programs
Automated Synthesis of Unconventional Computing Systems
Machine Learning Methods for Multiparameter Flow Cytometry Analysis and Visualization
Automated Synthesis of Memristor Crossbar Networks
Synergistic Visualization And Quantitative Analysis Of Volumetric Medical Images