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Wearable Passive Wireless MEMS Respiration Sensor
Work Function Extraction of Indium Tin Oxide Used As Transparent Gate Electrode For MOSFET.
LDMOS Power Transistor Design and Evaluation using 2D and 3D Device Simulation
Transparent Oxide Semiconductor Gate based MOSFETs for Sensor Applications
Investigation of different dielectric materials as gate insulator for MOSFETs
Design and Implementation of Silicon-Based MEMS Resonators for Application in Ultra Stable High Frequency Oscillators
GaN Power Devices: Discerning Application-Specific Challenges and Limitations in HEMTs
X-ray Radiation Enabled Cancer Detection and Treatment with Nanoparticles
Deposition and characterization studies of boron carbon nitride (BCN) thin films prepared by dual target sputtering
The Effect of Morphology on Reflectance in Silicon Nanowires Grown by Electroless Etching
Integrated Microwave Resonator/Antenna Structures for Sensor and Filter Applications