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A Theoretical Investigation of Small Organic Molecules on Transition Metal Surfaces
Chemistry and dissipation at mineral surfaces in the space environment
A theoretical and experimental investigation of the physical and chemical properties of solid nanoscale interfaces
Theoretical And Computational Studies Of Diffusion Of Adatom Islands And Reactions Of Molecules On Surfaces
Tuning chemical and optical properties of nanomaterials: From extended surfaces to finite nanoclusters
Multiscale simulation of laser ablation and processing of semiconductor materials
Size, Shape, Composition and Chemical state effects in nanocatalysis
Density-Functional Theory+Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Study of the Magnetic Properties of Transition-Metal Nanostructures
Atomic-scale simulation of physical and chemical processes during space weathering and planet formation
Structure, stability, vibrational, thermodynamic, and catalytic properties of metal nanostructures: size, shape, support, and adsorbate effects