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The Effect of Martensite-Fractions Assumptions In Shape Memory Alloy Springs
Spatial and Temporal Compressive Sensing for Vibration-based Monitoring: Fundamental Studies with Beam Vibrations
Piezoresistive Behavior of Carbon Nanopaper Polymer Composites for Strain Sensing
Design and Structural Analysis of Morphing Wings
Vibration Reduction of Mistuned Bladed Disks via Piezoelectric-Based Resonance Frequency Detuning
High Temperature Mechanics of Aerospace Ceramic Composites Characterized via Synchrotron Radiation
Continuous Oscillation: Vibrational Effects and Acceptable Frequency Ranges of Small Bore Piping in Field Applications
Development and Implementation of a Streamlined Process for the Creation and Mechanization of Negative Poisson's Ratio Meso-Scale Patterns
Navigation of an Autonomous Differential Drive Robot for Field Scouting in Semi-structured Environments
Flutter Stability of Shrouded Turbomachinery Cascades with Nonlinear Frictional Damping
Seismic Response of Moment Resisting Frames Coupled with Rocking Walls
Load Estimation, Structural Identification and Human Comfort Assessment of Flexible Structures
Structure-preserving finite difference methods for linearly damped differential equations
Chaotification as a Means of Broadband Vibration Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Materials
Timoshenko Beam Viscous Damping Model for Spacecraft Cabling Dynamics
Bio-Inspired Visual Servo Control of a Picking Mechanism in an Agricultural Ground Robot