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Streamflow prediction in ungauged basins located within data-scarce regions
Hydrodynamic Limitations and the Effects of Living Shoreline Stabilization on Mangrove Recruitment along Florida Coastlines
Analysis of Hydrodynamic and Bathymetric gradients in Canaveral National Seashore following Living shoreline and oyster restorations
Understanding sediment biogeochemistry and the role of juvenile oysters on recently restored eastern oyster reefs
Evaluating Hydrologic Fluxes Through Stormwater Treatment Systems: Implication to Freshwater Springs in a Karst Environment
Water and energy costs of landfilled food waste
Development of an Automated Method for Identification of Wet and Dry Channel Segments Using LiDAR Data and Fuzzy Logic Cluster Analysis
Response of Streamflow and Sediment Loading in the Apalachicola River, Florida to Climate and Land Use Land Cover Change
Assessing Interactions between Estuary Water Quality and Terrestrial Land Cover in Hurricane Events with Multi-sensor Remote Sensing
Linking Climate Change and Socio-economic Impact for Long-term Urban Growth in Three Mega-cities
Low Impact Development Analysis and Comparative Assessment of Wet Detention Ponds with Floating Treatment Wetlands
Comparative nutrient removal with innovative green soprtion media for groundwater and stormwater co-treatment
Hydrologic controls on the natural drainage networks extracted from high-resolution topographic data
Annual water balance model based on generalized proportionality relationship and its applications