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House vs. Home: Defining Place Through Identity
Life, Death, and Awakening: As Seen in Reflections of Nature
Changing the Channel: A Study of Agenda, Immersion and Social Commentary in Art.
Exploration of life and decay in technological civilization
Designosaurs: Technological Evolution and De-Extinction Through an Advancing Medium
The Suburban Nightmare: A Study of Atmosphere, Mood and Emotion
Hidden Scars: The Art of PTSD
The Fabricated Shopping Experience: An Impersonal Impression on Consumerism
The Bed as Object and Metaphor
Secondary World: The Limits of Ludonarrative
Projected Surfaces
The Signs We Speak: An exploration of the loss of precision and meaning in language today.
The Weight of Words: Collecting and Visualizing Data from Twitter
For Alexander: An Exploration of Good Ole Boy Identity and Mortality.
Recollections: An Internal Analysis of Memory and Perception
Doubting Thomas: The Testaments