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Realtime Editing in Virtual Reality for Room Scale Scans
SetPad: A Sketch-Based Tool For Exploring Discrete Math Set Problems
Code Park: A New 3D Code Visualization Tool and IDE
An Exploration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Direct Manipulation Through 3D Spatial Interaction
SketChart: A Pen-Based Tool for Chart Generation and Interaction.
Guided Autonomy for Quadcopter Photography
Exploring Natural User Abstractions For Shared Perceptual Manipulator Task Modeling (&) Recovery
Exploring the Multi-touch Interaction Design Space for 3D Virtual Objects to Support Procedural Training Tasks
The WOZ Recognizer: A Tool For Understanding User Perceptions of Sketch-Based Interfaces
Worldwide Infrastructure for Neuroevolution: A Modular Library to Turn Any Evolutionary Domain into an Online Interactive Platform
Recognition of Complex Events in Open-source Web-scale Videos: Features, Intermediate Representations and their Temporal Interactions
Exploring 3D User Interface Technologies for Improving the Gaming Experience
Functional Scaffolding for Musical Composition: A New Approach in Computer-Assisted Music Composition
Intelligent Selection Techniques For Virtual Environments
Pen-based Methods For Recognition and Animation of Handwritten Physics Solutions
Bridging the Gap Between Fun and Fitness: Instructional Techniques and Real-World Applications for Full-Body Dance Games
Human-Robot Interaction For Multi-Robot Systems
Automatic 3D human modeling: an initial stage towards 2-way inside interaction in mixed reality