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Provider Recommendation of HPV Vaccination: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap
Persons, Houses, and Material Possessions: Second Spanish Period St. Augustine Society
"The Best and Worst of All That God and Man Can Do": Paternalistic Perceptions On the Intellectually Disabled at Florida's Sunland Institutions."
Examining presence and influence of linguistic characteristics in the Twitter discourse surrounding the women's right to drive movement in Saudi Arabia
A Complex Calculus: How Message Format and Processing Route Coordinate to Influence HPV Vaccination Message Persuasiveness Among Young Adults
Cognitive Dissonance in the Classroom: The Effects of Hypocrisy on Academic Dishonesty
'The Tourist Soldier': Veterans Remember the American Occupation of Germany, 1950-1955
Instructor Response to Uncivil Behaviors in the Classroom: An Application of Politeness Theory