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Working Memory Capacity and Executive Attention as Predictors of Distracted Driving
Developing an Insider Threat Experimental Environment
Examining Energetic and Structural Components of Knowledge of Result Using a Vigilance Paradigm
Beyond Compliance: Examining the Role of Motivation in Vigilance Performance
The Impact of Automation and Stress on Human Performance in UAV Operation
Psychophysiology meets computer science: predicting the magnitude of participant physiological response with machine learning
An Exploration of the Feasibility of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Neurofeedback Cueing System for the Mitigation of the Vigilance Decrement
Enhancing the effectiveness of Human-Robot teaming with a closed-loop system
The Impact of Automation Reliability and Fatigue on Reliance
Instructional Strategies for Scenario-Based Training of Human Behavior Cue Analysis with Robot-Aided Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance