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Analysis of Hydrodynamic and Bathymetric gradients in Canaveral National Seashore following Living shoreline and oyster restorations
Biomass density based adjustment of LiDAR-derived digital elevation models: a machine learning approach
Tidal hydrodynamic response to sea level rise and coastal geomorphology in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Development of an Automated Method for Identification of Wet and Dry Channel Segments Using LiDAR Data and Fuzzy Logic Cluster Analysis
A Continuous Hydrologic Model Structure for Applications at Multiple Time Scales
Response of Streamflow and Sediment Loading in the Apalachicola River, Florida to Climate and Land Use Land Cover Change
Effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities on the Everglades landscape.
Remote Sensing of Coastal Wetlands: Long term vegetation stress assessment and data enhancement technique
Groundwater modeling for assessing the impacts of natural hazards in east-central Florida
Hydrologic controls on the natural drainage networks extracted from high-resolution topographic data
Base Flow Recession Analysis for Streamflow and Spring Flow
Understanding Hydroclimatic Controls on Stream Network Dynamics using LiDAR Data
An Integrated Hydrodynamic-Marsh Model with Applications in Fluvial, Marine, and Mixed Estuarine Systems
Incorporating Remotely Sensed Data into Coastal Hydrodynamic Models: Parameterization of Surface Roughness and Spatio-Temporal Validation of Inundation Area