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The Relationship between Agile Project Management and Project Success Outcomes
A study of nonlinear dynamics of EEG responses to simulated unmanned vehicle tasks
Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares Minimization with Prior Information: A New Approach
Assessing Safety Culture among Personnel in Governmental Construction Sites at Saudi Arabia: A Quantitative Study Approach
Agent-Based and System Dynamics Hybrid Modeling and Simulation Approach Using Systems Modeling Language
A Simulation-Based Evaluation Of Efficiency Strategies For A Primary Care Clinic With Unscheduled Visits
Investigating The Relationship Between Adverse Events and Infrastructure Development in an Active War Theater Using Soft Computing Techniques
Accelerated Life Model with Various Types of Censored Data
Cost-Sensitive Learning-based Methods for Imbalanced Classification Problems with Applications
Modeling of Socio-Economic Factors and Adverse Events In an Active War Theater By Using a Cellular Automata Simulation Approach
Safety Climate and Safety Outcomes in Aircraft Maintenance: A Mediating Effect of Employee Turnover and Safety Motivation
The effects of chronic sleep deprivation on sustained attention: A study of brain dynamic functional connectivity
A Short Window Granger Causality Approach to Identify Brain Functional Pattern Associated with Changes of Performance Induced by Sleep Deprivation
Extensions of S-spaces
Assessing Safety Culture among Pilots in Saudi Airlines: A Quantitative Study Approach
Integral Representations of Positive Linear Functionals