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The Decorruption: The Making of a Political Satire
MIA-mi: Exploring the Affect of Digital Cinema Through Micro-Budget Production Techniques
That's a Wrap! The Organizational Culture and Characteristics of Successfiul Film Crews
Waking Up White: The Search For Black Happiness
Wise the Wizard: A Feature Documentary about the Late Harry Wise of Sanford, Florida
Pioneer of Self: An Intimate Retrospective
"Indivim-kara: An Exploration of Ego and the Archetypes in Art"
Design and Production of an Episodic Online Animation: Cairns of Apeiron
A Blue Flower: The Development of a Personal Documentary
Testament: Mastering and Transcending the Microbudget Model for a Feature Film
Finding Treasure: The Story of a Micro-budget Digital Film
Legends of the Fabricated Wild: An Experimental Representation of Natural Landscapes through the Utilization of Analog Film Techniques