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Liquid crystal phase modulation for beam steering and near-eye displays
High Performance Liquid Crystals for Displays and Spatial Light Modulators
Enhancement of Bandwidth and Laser Deflection Angle of Acousto-optic Deflectors by Dynamic Two-dimensional Refractive Index Modulation
Advanced liquid crystal displays with supreme image qualities
High dynamic range display systems
Advanced Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Displays
Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Functional Oxide Materials for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Low Absorption Liquid Crystal Materials for Midwave Infrared
Specialty Fiber Lasers and Novel Fiber Devices
High resolution time-resolved imaging system in the vacuum ultraviolet region
Cavity-Coupled Plasmonic Systems for Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions
Filament Plasma Density Enhancement Using Two Co-Propagating Beams
High performance liquid crystal devices for augmented reality and virtual reality
Optical Fibers for Space-Division Multiplexed Transmission and Networking
Multi-transit echo suppression for passive wireless surface acoustic wave sensors using 3rd harmonic unidirectional transducers and Walsh-Hadamard-like reflectors
Holographic Recording and Applications of Multiplexed Volume Bragg Gratings in Photo-thermo-refractive Glass