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Propagation of Unit Location Uncertainty in Dense Storage Environments
Shop Scheduling in the Presence of Batching, Sequence-Dependent Setups and Incompatible Job Families Minimizing Earliness and Tardiness Penalties
A Holistic Framework for Transitional Management
An Unsupervised Consensus Control Chart Pattern Recognition Framework
Resource allocation and load-shedding policies based on Markov decision processes for renewable energy generation and storage
Inventory Management Problem for Cold Items with Environmental and Financial Considerations
Cost-Sensitive Learning-based Methods for Imbalanced Classification Problems with Applications
Modeling and Analysis of Automated Storage and Retrievals System with Multiple in-the-aisle Pick Positions
Integrated Sustainability Assessment Framework for the U.S. Transportation
A Macro-Level Sustainability Assessment Framework for Optimal Distribution of Alternative Passenger Vehicles
Modeling and Solving Large-scale Stochastic Mixed-Integer Problems in Transportation and Power Systems
Modeling Dense Storage Systems With Location Uncertainty
Optimal distribution network reconfiguration using meta-heuristic algorithms
A Real Option Dynamic Decision (RODD) Framework for Operational Innovations
Managing, Controlling and Improving the Treatment of Produced Water Using the Six Sigma Methodology for the Iraqi Oil Fields
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Framework for the U.S. Built Environment
Stochastic Optimization for Integrated Energy System with Reliability Improvement Using Decomposition Algorithm
A Systems Approach to Sustainable Energy Portfolio Development