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Reliable Spectrum Hole Detection in Spectrum-Heterogeneous Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks via Sequential Bayesian Non-parametric Clustering
Leaning Robust Sequence Features via Dynamic Temporal Pattern Discovery
Sampling and Subspace Methods for Learning Sparse Group Structures in Computer Vision
Bridging the Gap between Application and Solid-State-Drives
Spatiotemporal Graphs for Object Segmentation and Human Pose Estimation in Videos
Weakly Labeled Action Recognition and Detection
Visual Saliency Detection and Semantic Segmentation
Improving Efficiency in Deep Learning for Large Scale Visual Recognition
Confluence of Vision and Natural Language Processing for Cross-media Semantic Relations Extraction
Hashing for Multimedia Similarity Modeling and Large-Scale Retrieval
Global Data Association for Multiple Pedestrian Tracking
Research on High-performance and Scalable Data Access in Parallel Big Data Computing