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The Rhetoric of Camp: Adam Lambert's Identification and Division Strategies in His American Idol Performances
Noise Thinks the Anthropocene: An Experiment in Noise Poetics
Rewriting Patriarchal Norms in Academia: Invitational Rhetoric in a Crowdsourced Survey
Meeting Student, Instructor, and Institutional Expectations in Online Writing Courses
Nam June Paik and Avant-Garde as Pedagogy: Promoting Student Engagement and Interdisciplinary Thinking in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom
Understanding the Dynamics of Peer Review and Its Impact on Revision
Analysis of Dialog Surrounding Animal Testing in Vaccine Research
Tracing Literacy Practices of Multilingual Writing Tutors
Good Works: The Topoi of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Travel and Tourism Industry
"A Memorial and a Name": Construction of Public Memory Through Chronotopic Arrangement of Antecedent Genre at Yad Vashem
Consequences of Skipping First Year Composition: Mapping Student Writing from High School to the Academic Disciplines
At the Intersection of Feminism and Fast Capitalism: A Study of Women's Literacies During a Time of Change
Wounded Warrior or War Hero? Or Maybe, Neither?: Resisting Common Tropes of the Veteran and Developing Digital Literacy Practices via Narrative Building and Identity Presentation in Social Networking Spaces
Exploring Repurposing Across Contexts: How Adolescents' New Literacies Practices Can Inform Understandings about Writing-Related Transfer
Crimean Rhetorical Sovereignty: Resisting a Deportation of Identity
"I'm Not Talking to Myself, I'm Having a Parent-Teacher Conference!": A Study of Literacy Practices and Mediation within Homeschooling Families
Tractors and Genres: Knowledge-Making and Identity Formation in an Agricultural Community
Arrangement of Google Search Results and Imperial Ideology: Searching for Benghazi, Libya