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Hearing the Voices of the Deserters: Activist Critical Making in Electronic Literature
Playing with Usability: Why Technical Communicators Should Examine Mobile Games
Celebrities, Fans, and Queering Gender Norms: A Critical Examination of Lady Gaga's, Nicki Minaj's, and Fans' Use of Instagram
Wounded Warrior or War Hero? Or Maybe, Neither?: Resisting Common Tropes of the Veteran and Developing Digital Literacy Practices via Narrative Building and Identity Presentation in Social Networking Spaces
Emergent Narrative: Stories of Play, Playing with Stories
Narrative Transportation and Virtual Reality: Exploring the Immersive Qualities of Social Justice in the Digital World
Using Hashtags to Disambiguate Aboutness in Social Media Discourse: A Case Study of #OrlandoStrong
Measuring Player Perceptions of Freedom and Control in Modded and Unmodded Versions of Bethesda's Skyrim: A Qualitative Play Study
The Weight of Words: Collecting and Visualizing Data from Twitter
Exploring a Three-Dimensional Narrative Medium: The Theme Park as "De Sprookjessprokkelaar," The Gatherer and Teller of Stories