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Analysis of United States Congresswomen's tweets during the 2017 and 2018 women's marches against Donald Trump in the U.S.
The Intersection of Race and Class in Maternity Leave: Who's Left Out?
Mar(&)#237;a de Zayas: lo parad(&)#243;jico de una escritora del Siglo de Oro espa(&)#241;ol
Interracial Lesbian and Gay Couples: Navigating Private and Public Experiences
The Effects of Divided Government on Women's Organizations' Political Activity in Developed Democracies
Layers of Identity (&) Privilege in Legislation: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Senate Bill 744
Home Sweet Home: An Infinite Grid of Memory and Repressed Abuse Trauma
Textual Analysis of the Portrayals of the Roma in a U.S. Newspaper
Raising Roma Voices: An Insider Examination of American Roma Realities, Resistance, and Revaluation
Dance Students at a two year college: Making Sense of their Academic, Cultural, and Social World
Male College Presidents With Children: Recollections on Perceptions of Work-life Balance.
La influencia de la medicina: Relaci(&)#243;n entre literatura y cultura en la temprana edad moderna espa(&)#241;ola
The role of freedom in assessing the relationship between tourism competitiveness and quality of life: The case of Central America
GAYME: The development, design and testing of an auto-ethnographic, documentary game about quarely wandering urban/suburban spaces in Central Florida.