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Examining the influence of personal and environmental factors on treatment outcomes in opioid dependent medication-assisted treatment patients.
Interaction between income, health insurance, and self-rated health: A path analysis.
Political, Economic, and Health Determinants of Tuberculosis Incidence
Rapid Response Teams versus Critical Care Outreach Teams: Unplanned Escalations in Care and Associated Outcomes
Work and Family Conflict: A Comparative Analysis Among Staff Nurses, Nurse Managers, and Nurse Executives
The Effect of Registered Nurse Supply on Population Health Outcomes: A Distributed Lag Model Approach
The Impact of Relational Coordination and the Nurse on Patient Outcomes
The influence of perceived organizational support, perceived coworker support (&) debriefing on work-related compassion satisfaction, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress in Florida public safety personnel
Is Conflict a Factor in a Population's Quality of Life? A Comparative Study of University Students in the Palestinian Territories and Jordan