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Energy Efficient and Secure Wireless Sensor Networks Design
Masquerading Techniques in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks
Techniques for boosting the performance in Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems
Networking and security solutions for VANET initial deployment stage
Batch and Online Implicit Weighted Gaussian Processes for Robust Novelty Detection
Antecedents of Emotional Labor and Job Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry
Hashing for Multimedia Similarity Modeling and Large-Scale Retrieval
Opportunistic Spectrum Utilization by Cognitive Radio Networks: Challenges and Solutions
Research on High-performance and Scalable Data Access in Parallel Big Data Computing
Evaluation of crash modification factors and functions including time trends at intersections
Exploration and development of crash modification factors and functions for single and multiple treatments
Dynamic Hotspot Identification for Limited Access Facilities using Temporal Traffic Data