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Lexico-grammatical Complexity in EAP Student Writing: A Learner Corpus Analysis
An Analysis of Teacher Action Research Focused on Differentiated Instruction for Student Subgroups in One Florida School District in 2009-2010
Investigating gender differences in student preferences for and achievement with educational games
The Effects Of The Vocabulary Scenario Technique- English Learner Peer Protocol on Ninth Grade English Learners Who Struggle with Literacy
An Analysis of Undergraduate Elementary School Pre-Service Teachers' Ability to Contextualize Fraction Expressions and Decontextualize Fraction Word Problems
The Influence of Economics Knowledge on Students' Attitudes Toward Financial Literacy
Teachers' Utilization of Field Trips: A Comparative Study
Community College Leadership: The Pathways, Competencies, and Preparation of Presidents and Chief Academic Officers
Aging Well: How Subjective Age, Playfulness, and Depression Influence Quality of Life Among Older Adults
Assessing the effectiveness of online focus groups versus in-person focus groups
The Client Assessment of Multicultural Competent Behavior (CAMCB): Development and Validation.
Modeling Autocorrelation and Sample Weights in Panel Data: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
A Quasi-Experimental Study on the Impact of Explicit Instruction of Science Text Structures on Eighth-Grade English Learners' and Non-English Learners' Content Learning and Reading Comprehension in Three Inclusive Science Classrooms
Bullying Victimization, Feared Second Language Self, and Second Language Identity: Reconceptualizing The Second Language Motivational Self System
The Influence of Instruction in Base 8 on Prospective Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
Predicting Undergraduate Retention in STEM Majors Based on Demographics, Math Ability, and Career Development Factors
The contribution of educators' levels of inspiration and compassion for others to their degree of burnout
Examining Facebook as a Digitally Immersive Language Environment for French Language Learners
The Impact of a Group Counseling Intervention on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Older Adolescents' Levels of Hope, Coping, and Suicidality